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Planning Guidance Solutions

Welcome to Fidalgo Financial. A fee-only financial planning firm with a focus on making a long-term positive impact on your personal finances and life.

Our Services

Our Services
Comprehensive Financial Planning


A customized financial strategy is developed specifically to address your unique needs. Our in-depth analysis and insights will help you achieve your overall financial goals, both now and in the future.

Hourly Financial Planning


“I just have a few questions.”  Information, guidance and peace of mind for clients who are looking for answers to a few specific questions, or targeted advice based on a current financial situation.



Our fee-only model keeps your best interests at the forefront of our business; we do not sell financial products for commission/compensation. Fee-only allows us to fully focus on your financial success at all times.

Retiring in 1 to 5 years


Advice on financial areas to address as you close in on retirement. Helpful discussions on Medicare, Social Security, and creating income from your retirement savings.

At Fidalgo Financial, we strive to service the individual needs of all clients, no matter your age, income or financial understanding.

Are you beginning to plan your financial future, or are interested in a review of where you stand?  Do you have a student in High School and would like to understand college planning and funding options?

Fidalgo Financial is here to provide answers to your questions, offer expert guidance, and give clear solutions to help you achieve your future goals.

Meet with Fidalgo Financial, in person or virtually. Our first meeting is free and designed to discuss your priorities and determine if we'll be a good fit to work together.

Fee-only Financial Advisor Anacortes WA
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