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I started Fidalgo Financial for two reasons: a desire to empower clients through increased financial understanding, and to provide a service I felt wasn’t being met by the current market. A few years ago I wanted to pay a financial planner for just a few hours of time to confirm I was on the right track with our retirement investments. It was hard to find this option locally, and I knew that other people must have similar, smaller financial projects in need of a quick review or guidance. My husband encouraged me to create a business and use my financial skills to accommodate this need. I am currently a ‘Candidate for CFP® certification,’ and continuing the process towards the Certified Financial Planner designation.


My strong interest in personal finance goes back many years, and I have experienced first hand how ongoing financial knowledge and understanding in my earlier adult life has driven decisions that have benefited my family and college bound sons. I enjoy passing on my knowledge of personal finance and helping others reach their financial goals through making financial planning affordable and understandable.


Fidalgo Financial is available to answer questions or help with a financial project that takes just a couple of hours, or will complete a full comprehensive financial plan with you. Please give us a call. We look forward to meeting with you and finding out how we can help you reach your financial goals.




Shona Martin

Anacortes, WA


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